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57 Responses

  1. rihana salam says:


  2. Blac says:


  3. rajesh says:

    super …………

  4. rajesh says:

    super ………

  5. a.ibramsha says:


  6. Muthukumar says:


  7. NIRANJAN says:


  8. rajesh kumar says:


  9. Riyasdeen says:


  10. Riyasdeen773737656 says:

    Sooriyan fm online radio super I’m in qater

  11. Dheena says:

    after a long time hearing fm.. its cool… good job dudes

  12. aswin says:

    now i am relaxed

  13. usha says:

    nice song

  14. kannan says:

    hi sooriyan fm

  15. sutharshan says:

    Hi Anna nan suodiyila irukkan sooriyan sonthankal anaivarukkum padal tharunkal

  16. Rufus says:

    I’m Rufus from Malaysia
    Songs super anna..,

  17. Rufus says:

    வாழ்த்துக்கள் அண்ணா…keep it up

  18. logesh says:

    hi anna engalaiyum seththu kollunga. wife rubi kkaga oru padal thaanga


  19. sritharan says:

    hi im sritharan
    love you sooriyan

  20. sutharshan says:

    Hi padal super

  21. ubaidh says:

    hi i’m ubaidh i love sooryanfm from mullipothanai.

  22. David says:

    hi i’m ubaidh i love sooryanfm from bhavani erode dt

  23. David says:

    hi i’m david i love sooryanfm from bhavani erode dt

  24. Sivarajah says:

    Hello thank you very much sooyan fm good fm

  25. Sivarajah says:

    Sooyan fm good fm

  26. Sivarajah says:

    Hello, I am Harrishan speaking from the Uk.
    My birthday is coming this Wednesday.
    I am going to be 11. Can you put an amazing birthday song please.

  27. sarah says:

    Really thanks to sooriyan FM, because of there is some reason, when I need relax after complete the job I able to listen limited songs only how much is on my SD card, one I got this tremendous ways to listen all FM in one site, really I am very happy, no need any SD cards any other device, I can hear any Tamil songs, really I love this web site also sooriyan fm, thank you so much

  28. thala ingaran says:

    Super songs

  29. Irsham says:

    Nies songs I love

  30. Sothees says:

    All nice song bro I like you

  31. sampath says:

    after long time letion this fm he is nice

  32. sree says:

    I relx……

  33. kasavan says:

    nice song

  34. Rajkumar says:

    helgh quality song play svriyan fm plece

  35. acmkiyas says:

    hi hi anna supper supper nan saudi

  36. Hai anna nan theepan Qatarla iarunthu super songs

  37. thala ingaran says:

    Hi anna super songs i love soo

  38. ashok says:

    super song

  39. Dharuman says:

    Really thanks to sooriyan FM

  40. kajarsan says:

    Anna I from dupai song super

  41. kajarsan says:

    Super bro

  42. moorthi says:

    Super fmFM

  43. Srinivasan Radharkrishnan says:

    Dear friends, Suriyan fM is very encouraging one to the working people as well as candidates studying from time to time. Nice keept it up.

  44. nirshanth says:

    love song

  45. vijitharan says:

    அண்ணா அக்கா இருவருக்கும் எனது வணக்கம் சவூதி அரேபியாவில்இருந்து விஜி எனக்கு ஒரு நல்ல பாட்டு தாருங்கள்

  46. R.KOKILA says:

    Syrian FM is in my heart

  47. M.NOVARAJA says:

    தமிழ் மேல் கொண்ட அன்பின் நிமித்தம் இணைந்த அன்பு இதயங்களை , இசையால் திருப்தி செய்ய வேண்டியது – சூரியன் FM பொறுப்பு . நன்றி !!!

  48. Rubini Kasevan says:

    Im rubi frm malaysia….anneh, nee thane en jeevan frm theri song venum

  49. Yokesh says:

    Super songs

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